Our Job Services

Skilled Jobs

In order to expand business targeting foreign market, your skills are valuable for those companies. We will provide your skill to those companies, so that you are paid for your assistance. Those who have skills in culture fields are also welcome. You may teach at culture schools. Please register us…

Tester Jobs (e-gaikokujin Recruiting)

Japanese companies want to know foreigners’ opinions and values on their products in various aspects. Their researches varied from testing of new products to hearing how they are used, or image about Japan. We carry on together with our professional partner companies these surveys: group interviews, product testing, web questionnaires…

About us

YAC-Nippon is a subsidiary of Hiragana Times Inc, that publishes an English-Japanese magazine to provide foreigners with Japanese life style information, and we have provided business connections between Japanese companies and foreigners since 2003.

Due to the globalization these days, more and more Japanese companies are expanding their businesses to the world. Because of this, skills and opinions of foreigners become important for their development in various fields.

Up to the present, we have been receiving many requests from Japanese companies, such as providing foreigners who have skills necessary for their projects, or recruiting participants for the market research of new products and new services.

This is a chance to make the best use of this opportunity.