In order to expand business targeting foreign market, your skills are valuable for those companies. We will provide your skill to those companies, so that you are paid for your assistance. Those who have skills in culture fields are also welcome. You may teach at culture schools. Please register us if you have any skills like the below. No charge is required for registration and making use of our service.

(1) Business skills
Interpreter, translator, proofreading, writer, designer, narrator, Web designer, programmer, illustrator, IT engineer, language instructor, model, cameraman and so on.

(2) Culture skills
Cooking, music, sports, entertainment, handcraft, culture, manners and other hobbies.

Job Offer Cases

  • Translation, proofreading, writer work for English magazines
  • Narrator work for English digital content
  • Model work of product package photograph
  • Interpreting and translating in various marketing research
  • Lecturer of African cooking class
  • European culture lecturer
  • And more…

How to work

STEP01Register to be a member of YAC-Nippon (free of charge) in the following registered form.
STEP02We provide you with the detailed offer information including amount of payment by mail or telephone.
STEP03We ask for participation to those who meet the required conditions.
STEP04The work begins with the required way, date and place.
STEP05After the work, you will be paid.

Register here today!
There are NO sign-up fees for registration and it takes only a few minutes.