Japanese companies want to know foreigners’ opinions and values on their products in various aspects. Their researches varied from testing of new products to hearing how they are used, or image about Japan. We carry on together with our professional partner companies these surveys: group interviews, product testing, web questionnaires and like.

payment in cash or bank transfer or QUO card in every research you participate.  Many people including freelancers, teachers, housewives, company owners, company employees, students and soft wear engineers and others  are required to participate.

Job Offer Cases

  • Paid Interview survey about Car Design Comparison
  • Paid Web Questionnaire about Smoking
  • Paid Fishing experience survey in Iwate Prefecture
  • Paid Web Questionnaire “The opinion poll about Japanese food culture”
  • Paid Survey Monitors Wanted for Japanese Cooking Lesson Evaluation
  • Paid Voice Evaluation Work
  • Paid Web Questionnaire about Toilet
  • Paid Web Questionnaire about Japan
  • Paid Survey Monitors Wanted for Digital Product Evaluation
  • Paid Survey Monitors Wanted for a Group Interview Regarding Ochazuke
  • Paid Web Questionnaire on JAPANESE SAUCE
  • Paid Printer Testing Monitors
  • And more…

How to work

STEP01Register to be a member of YAC-Nippon (free of charge) in the following registered form.
STEP02We provide you with the detailed offer information including amount of payment by mail or telephone.
STEP03We ask for participation to those who meet the required conditions.
STEP04The work begins with the required way, date and place.
STEP05After the work, you will be paid.

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