Parallel text corpus data (English – Japanese)


We can offer you a huge over 200,000 sentence English-Japanese parallel text corpus data.

These are used for natural language processing technology study at some Global corporations and University laboratories.

Our company is a Hiragana Times group company. Hiragana Times have been publishing English – Japanese magazine since 1986, and are contacting you whether you are interested in using the parallel text corpus data (English – Japanese).

Over 230,000 sentences are faithfully translated and digitalized sentence by sentence. They include the topics of politics, culture, history, romance, food, travels, movies, comics, customs and more. These are used for natural language processing technology study or improvement of translation machine at some Global corporations and University laboratories.

*Translated sentence by sentence. (Translated by manpower.)

The number of magazine sentences translated: 212,230 sentences
The number of book sentences translated:21,796 sentences

Parallel text corpus data sample

Handmade Pet Clothing and Accessories Get Popular●ペットのために手作りする服とアクセサリーが人気

These days, it is common to see pets wearing outfits and accessories such as miniature Dachshunds in T-shirts and cats with ribbon collars.●Tシャツを着たミニチュアダックスや、首輪にリボンのついた猫など、洋服やアクセサリーをつけたペットを見かけることが多くなった。

During the summer, some puppies wear shoes to protect their feet from the heat of paved streets.●夏にはアスファルトの熱から足を守るため靴をはく子犬もいる。

Some pets are even more dressed up than their owners.●飼い主の服装よりもおしゃれなほどだ。

However lately, more and more pet owners are making their pet’s clothing and accessories by themselves.●最近では、それらペットの洋服やアクセサリーを手作りする人が増えている。

The clothing sold at Tokyo pet shops can cost from 3,000 to 5,000 yen per item, and for some kinds of dogs, the number of items is limited.●ペットショップで売られているペット用の服は3,000~5,000円で、犬の種類によっては服の種類が少ないものもある。

But, if you choose a material that suits your taste and then sew it yourself, you can, for a low cost, make a great piece that perfectly fits your pet.●好みの布を選んで手作りすれば、安く、自分のペットのサイズにぴったり合った、お気に入りの一着が出来上がる。

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